Some English projects

STAR WARS by Ariadna Roig 4th ESO C

The new film of Star Wars was really good. It started telling about a little robot and his human friend. His friend had a piece of the map that showed where Luke Skywalker was. They were hiding it from the First Order, who really wanted it. The robot (BB8) lost track of his friend and found a girl who helped him -because everybody wanted to get the piece of map-.

They meet a black boy and the three of them start an adventure together. Kylo Ren, Han Solo’s son, is one of the directors of the first order. By the end of the film his father tries to convince him to go home but he kills his own father cruelly.

The girl and Kylo Ren fought at the end and, when it looked as if she had won, the floor started to separate into two and each of them ends up on a different one. Luckily, the good ones get the full map. Finally, the girl goes where Luke Skywalker is to give him his sword back.

ANXIETY by Lorenzo Burgess Codato 4th ESOA

You probably already know what anxiety is but, instead you may not know what an anxiety disorder is. Anxiety is a natural response to danger but nowadays it’s usually provoked before an exam, during work or in any other situations that can be stressful. Instead, anxiety disorders are constant anxiety attacks provoked by no apparent reason.

There are many different cases of anxiety disorders and they are mainly this four:

-Panic disorder: It’s when someone on a regular basis feel like a person that has been terrorized and they start sweating, shaking and their heartbeat sky rockets.

-Specific phobias: You possibly already know phobias and don’t know that they are a type of anxiety. They are the unexplainable excessive fear to an object or situation.

-Social anxiety disorder: Like a phobia, it is the fear of embarrassing situations and being criticized by others.

-Generalized anxiety disorder: It is an anxiety attack that appears without any possible explanation.

One of the most important types of anxiety can affect someone’s life is by changing your behaviour and the way you think. This can result in many different situations:

-Problems in relationships

-Abuse of drugs

-Depression and all of its symptoms.

-Problems with studies and work

-Physical disorders caused by constant anxiety such as: gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular…

Anxiety can be inherited from your parents so if your parents have this disorder or you feel like you easily get anxious you may want to try some of the next things if you want to prevent it.

-Regular exercise

-Meditation/relaxation exercises

-Get enough sleep

-Having a healthy diet

If you suffer from anxiety mainly you can do two things, or you use techniques to help yourself (the internet is full of trustful web pages with techniques that can prove to be very effective) or, my personal recommendation is to go to a doctor since they have a lot of experience and they can tell you what you should do and how your particular case can be solved.

BLOGGER by Juan Antonio Hernández 4thB


The risks of taking drugs By: Lorenzo Burgess, Juan Miguel López and Jaime Xamena, 4th ESO A

Lorenzo was a completely healthy person before he started taking drugs but just with trying them… Drugs destroy people’s lives.

How do these people think? By: Malin Berga, 4th ESO B

What is strange about the red guy’s brain? That black stain makes him upset, it keeps him from loving other people. What is it? We need to stop it!


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