Emails Exchange with Ana Luna

Ana Luna, a student in 1C, went to New York two months ago. Here you are some emails between Ana Luna and 1C students.

-Today was my first time at school. Here everything is different. The school is bigger than IES Esporles and it has more things. There are aquariums with fish in the hall and the walls have fish paintings. There is a big library in the school, a lot of computers and other things. The school also has got a big cafeteria where you can have your breakfast or your lunch. Today it has snowed. Goodbye. Regards to all my classmates.

Ana Luna!!!

-Dear Ana Luna,

Here you are many comments from everybody in 1C.

I hope you enjoy.


-Here everything is the same and we miss you! Fernando

-We miss you! The video with you is very fun! I like IES Esporles, but your school is bigger. I wish you all the best. Alejandro

-We miss you. Have you got a lot of homework? Your friend Mireia!

-I love you. We miss you. In the morning you are not here! Kisses, Lucia!

-Everything is different if you don’t stay here. The group of 1C miss you. Have good luck all the year Ana Luna! I wish you all the best! I love you!

Your friend Caterina!

Here is the same every day. We miss you. Thank you for your comments. I love you! Regards, Marina!

My marks are more negative. We miss your comments. Kind regards, Jaume!

I hope that it goes perfect for you. Thank you for your email. Vicenç!

Here are no changes. So, luck. Xin Yu!

All is normal every day. The day is going to end and we are here and write an email 4 you, I hope that you are good there, wherever you are. Good luck, Kevin!

I hope you also have got good marks. I think in your school every day is special with fish paintings on the wall. Remember all the class!!! Good luck. M.Magdalena!!

I am very happy of you. We are so strange without you. Be careful with the snow and be careful with the, too. A big kiss, Mª José!!

Here is all like before. We miss your exams in the class. Good luck, Guillem!

Do you talk Spanish in the school? Do you understand the English of USA? Good luck, Guido!!

All teachers are angry with our class because of some students .Good luck, Adriana!

Now every teacher tells your name when they read the list. We miss you and your marks very much. Paula!!

It is not the same at school because you aren’t here. I love you. We miss you!!! Have you got any friends. I failed two subjects. You were my favourite German classmate. Do you remember the German class?. It was difficult!!! Ariadna Contreras!!

Hello Ana. Where are you?. I wish you good luck. You were a very good friend. Here are no changes. Kind regards. Miquel Pinto!!!

Here everything is the same. Here the school is small. Good luck. Bye. Pep!!

Dear Ana Luna I hope you have a great time in your school and at your new home.Lucky you that it snowed again….It’s not the same without you!!! Goodbye! Hugs and kisses from Isabella!!!

Here no changes. Everyday is very long. Kind regards. Arturo!!!

We miss your comments in the class. I wish you all the best in te school. Goodbye Ana Luna!!! Thanks for your email. Maria Nadal!!!


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